Trending for Spring 2014: In Bloom

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We are now on week three of my favorite Spring 2014 trends. Last week was Monochromatic “White Out” and the week prior to that was “Candy-Coated Goodness“. So we’ve established that white on white and pastels are definite must-haves this season but surely, there has to be something with a little pop and pizazz – right!? Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging.

This week, I wanted to showcase another big trend that has been sweeping the runway and I couldn’t be any more in love with it than I currently am. One word: FLORAL.

Yes, it’s true – floral prints are a big trend to look out for this season. These are not the floral prints you’ve typically seen in the past – we’re talking about vibrant colors and patterns that still maintain a soft femininity that will make you feel like a radiant beauty in an enchanted secret garden.

This Spring, embrace the naturally romantic elements of this trend. Envision blooming prints mixed with both soft and vibrant colors together as one – a beautiful marriage of components indeed. So for this week, here’s looking at you, “In Bloom“.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


Nicole Miller RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Oscar de la Renta RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Nina Ricci RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Alberta Ferretti RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Giambattista Valli RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show (Paris) – Photo Credit:


Dennis Basso RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Christian Siriano RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:

It’s so refreshing to see these lovelies on the runway – especially after being in dark colors all Winter long! If you’re loving this look like I am but not willing to splurge on the Prêt-à-Porter (Ready-to-Wear) items shown above, below is a shopping guide so you too can achieve this look but for significantly less! Enjoy, my friends!


Post 3

1. Ted Baker London “Leonar” Pumps, $219.95 {from Nordstrom}  2.  Ted Baker Duena Electric Daydream Parka, $169 {from House of Fraser}  3. Large Flower Necklace, $35 {from Topshop}  4. Bella Prom Skirt, $79.99 {from Forever New}  5. Untold Chiffon Halter Dress, $210 {from House of Fraser}  6. Blushing Floral Infinity Scarf, $58 {from Anthropologie)  7. Blurred Floral Shirt, $53 {from Miss Selfridge}  8. Kylie Printed Box Pleated Dress, $129.99 {from Forever New}  9. Dolce & Gabanna Oversized Floral Cat Eye Sunglasses, $490 {from Bloomingdale’s}  10. Moto Floral Denim Hotpants, $64 {from Topshop}  11. Hobo ‘Zara Vintage’ Crossbody Bag, $128 {from Nordstrom}

Restaurant Review: Bistro La Bon // Cozy + Hip


{ Exterior of Bistro La Bon – Image from Yelp }

Valentine’s Day was a couple of weeks ago (on a Friday) and the hubs and I wanted to celebrate it on Saturday night due to a. our schedules and b. to make an honest effort to avoid the insane foot traffic that restaurants would be receiving. Originally, we had wanted to make a reservation at The Melting Pot as it is one of our favorite restaurants to dine at for special occasions. Sean and I are both advocates of supporting local businesses, but it is still hands down one of our most beloved eateries – food chain or not (we literally salivate at the thought of the Mojo cooking oil – it’s really that incredible). But to our disappointment, The Melting Pot was all booked up…le sigh.

Sean wanted our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple to be special and we had both heard rave reviews about Bistro la Bon in Plaza Midwood. Being that we’re moving to that side of town soon and hearing how fantastic this place was – we needed to see firsthand what all the fuss was about. {Side note: please forgive some of these images not being my own – it was incredibly dark both inside and out and impossible for me to get good shots. }

Bistro la Bon is located on Central Avenue and resides in the same strip mall as Family Dollar and Elizabeth Billiards. Although this may seem odd to some, it really encompasses the Plaza Midwood area quite well in the sense that there is always more than what meets the eye. If you are familiar with this neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, you are probably aware of how funky and eclectic it is. For this restaurant to be placed here may be random, but then again, so is Plaza Midwood (which is what makes it so special).

We were fortunate enough to secure an 8:45 reservation for Saturday night. Now, let’s not get it twisted – Valentine’s Day is not just a day…it’s really more of a week-long celebration (so much for trying to be original by celebrating the day after). We walked into the restaurant and the first thing I noticed was the ambiance. From a lighting perspective, it was very dark inside – however, it was still incredibly lively, upbeat and boisterous. It had a hip, Portland, Oregon vibe with a casual yet sleek bar area surrounded by high top tables. The lobby area had velour couches with rich, gem-colored pillows for guests to sit on while they waited on their table. Once we were informed that there would be an additional wait tacked onto our reservation time, we decided to hit the bar for a couple of beverages. Sean ordered a craft beer (his fav) while I had one of Bistro la Bon’s signature cocktail – The Persophone (channeling my inner Greek goddess). It was prosecco, pomegranate liqueur and fresh lemon zest. I must say – it was delicious. Truthfully, I wanted to try all of the hand crafted cocktails on the menu because they all looked divine – it was difficult to choose just one. (At dinner I ended up having A Bee’s Vice and it was probably my favorite drink of the two).


{ Interior of Bistro La Bon – Image from Yelp }


{ Dining Area of Bistro La Bon – Image from Yelp }

We only waited an additional 15 minutes or so and were able to be seated. The menu mostly consisted of small plates or “tapas” and it looked amazing. There were also a few entrees and appetizers but the hubs and I wanted to get a few things to share. We decided on the Crispy Avocado and Asparagus, Brie Brulee, Grilled Spanish Octopus and the Lavender Chicken. We asked our server to choose the fifth small plate and to surprise us – we wanted whatever she recommended. Typically, Sean and I ask our servers what they like on the menu because who else would have better insight than the person working at that restaurant? I remember my days in the food industry (what seemed like eons ago) – we would typically sample almost everything on the menu to ensure that we were knowledgeable when a customer asked questions or our opinion on an item. Sean and I are both very adventurous when it comes to food so we were not at all fearful of what our server was going to choose for us. She ended up sending over the Crab Stuffed Peppadew with greens and lemon foam.

The Crispy Avocado and Asparagus was delicious – it was wrapped together in a light batter and then fried like a spring roll and served with a tangy sweet and sour sauce – NOMS. Both the asparagus and avocado worked together in perfect harmony – I would highly recommend this dish. The Brie Brulee was heaven – it literally tasted like a savory version of creme brulee (caramelized topping and all) and it was served with thin, crispy toast slices. The Lavender Chicken definitely had some prominent floral notes but it was balanced excellently with the chestnut gravy, savory cabbage and bits of bacon. If you are not one to like any remnants of floral undertones in your cuisine, this is not the dish for you. Although the lavender was not extraordinarily pungent, it is still present. I truly believe that you are either into that kind of thing or not – I personally love when flowers are mixed with cooking. We also really enjoyed the stuffed Peppadew peppers that our server chose for us – they had a delicate crabcake-esque filling and between that and the peppers – it was a sweet and spicy combination that worked very well together. There was only one dish I was a little disappointed about it and it was actually the one that I was the most excited to try – the octopus. It had nice flavor, however, it just was not as tasty as I wanted it to be. I think what really disappointed me the most about this dish was how chewy it was. If you have had and enjoy octopus, it has an elastic texture if not cooked properly which makes it difficult to chew and just not very enjoyable.

{ Crispy Avocado & Asaparagus }

I would say overall our experience was pleasant and enjoyable. We loved the rustic yet hip and cozy feel of this restaurant. I think many would assume that almost any restaurant in the Plaza Midwood area has to be a find and it most cases with this theory in mind, I’ve hardly ever been disappointed. On a side note – I would love to revisit Bistro la Bon for a Sunday brunch because I have heard nothing but excellent reviews. If you have not yet visited this adorable eatery – go…go now. It is a great place to dine with a group of friends or your significant other. Great drinks, delicious food, warm and trendy atmosphere and in a fun and eclectic side of town.


Trending for Spring 2014: Monochromatic White Out

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So, as announced last week, I am unveiling one of my favorite Spring 2014 trends for the next five weeks. Last week was “Candy-Coated Goodness” which showcased the sweet array of pastels that have hit the runway. Regarding silhouettes, envision a softer look with exquisite and delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk and tulle.

This week, I wanted to focus on the polar opposite of last week’s style report and turn our attention to another gorgeous trend that I’ve been seeing quite a bit of. Monochromatic White – which I’ve dubbed “White Out“. White is always a favored look for Spring/Summer, however, I have never seen so much white on white. I die – what a chic + polished style! Trust me when I say, I am all for the pops of color and fun trends for each season but there is something about simplicity that goes a long way. White is a classic – and if you are familiar with how that term is used in the fashion world – a classic never goes out of style. The “White Out” look definitely has a more structured silhouette than most trends this season and in some cases, it can be a little boxier.

This Spring, do not be afraid to layer up on the white. White pants, white blouse, white shoes, white blazer…bring it on.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


Nina Ricci RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Gianfranco Ferre RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Tracy Reese RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Valentin Yudashkin RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:


Joie Spring RTW Collection 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit:

As Outkast would say – so fresh + so clean!  🙂  I seriously cannot get enough! If you’re trying to achieve a well put together, savvy and timeless look – this is most definitely the direction to go in this season. Below are some beauties I found while doing some “virtual window shopping”. The prices vary depending on the item but everything is under $200. Enjoy!

signature copy

Blog Collage 3

1. White Boyfriend Shirt, $64.50 {from Madewell}  2.  White Sequin Collar, $78 {from Bottica}  3. Crepe Blazer, $79.99 {from Mango}  4. Michael Kors – ‘Bradshaw – Mini’ Chronograph Watch 36mm {from Nordstrom}  5. Five Pocket Skinny Jean, $187 {from Alice + Olivia}  6. White Embossed Collar top, $55 {from Dorothy Perkins)  7. Dune Kola Metal Strap White Flat Sandals, $127.78 {from ASOS}  8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Modified Oval Sunglasses, $110 {from Marc Jacobs}  9. Topshop Daisy Cutout Tote Bag, $76 {from Nordstrom}  10. Structured Frill Hem Dress, $96 {from Topshop}

Meet Me at the Altar in Your White Dress | 8 Simple Rules

Ah, weddings. Let me just start out by saying how much I love them. I always have. As a little girl, my mom and I would pick up bridal magazines and go through them together while turning the corners of pages that featured wedding dresses we adored. As a 10-year-old, I was drawn to the puffy, Cinderella-esque ball gowns. The more tulle, the better. Like most young girls, I dreamed about my own wedding that I would one day have. I never thought about the details or what it would cost or really anything other than I wanted it to be a fairytale. I mean, who actually thinks about all that is entailed in the wedding planning process at that young of an age? I never imagined what all was in store for me as an engaged adult woman.

But then, I blinked…and there I was. 26-years-old and engaged. I met the man that I was ready to spend the rest of my life with and he popped the question. Now what? Being a bridesmaid and witnessing firsthand a couple of my close girlfriends getting married, I was able to see how crazy, stressful, fun (did I mention stressful?) it all was. I was given this warning by many, but always thought to myself…how chaotic could this really be? Like many girls, I like to think of myself as Superwoman – I can handle just about anything thrown my way. I was working a full-time job, in grad school and participating in a flag football team that raised money for a non-profit organization all while juggling a social life, time with my fiancé, dogs (they’re basically my children) and three sets of families. SURELY, I could take on one more thing. Let me just state that planning a wedding is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever go through. But understand that it is in itself a full-time gig.

Let me just say – I am no wedding guru but any means, but I experienced a lot during a year and a half of planning. I can offer up some advice based on my knowledge and what I’ve seen others go through.

To all my lovelies who are about to get hitched, here are 8 simple rules to consider:

1.  KEEP CALM. This process is fun (really, it is) but it is going to test you in every way possible. Your emotions are running high during this time and there is a lot to juggle and make decisions on. Understand going into this: you will have obstacles. I can guarantee you there is not one bride in this world who has not encountered at least one issue (if not several) during the wedding planning process. Just remember to breathe. Talk yourself down when you’re feeling as though you’re about to be worked up and remember: the stress will not last forever – there is in fact a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, find some activities that can help you unwind. Take up yoga, go for a run, write in a journal, do some painting…anything to have some sort of release. Remember to wooooosah.


{ keep calm + marry on }

2.  STAY ORGANIZED. The only way to make it out alive is to find an organization method that works for you. Think about all of the information that is being thrown your way: vendor quotes, contracts, pictures of your vision, contact information, budgets, spreadsheets, charts, timelines etc. It’s pretty intense. Keep a notebook or a three-ring binder – it will be your best friend! I carried mine around everywhere and to be perfectly honest, people probably thought I was insane – but there was a method to my madness. I even made tabs for my binder to take it a step further. By doing so, I kept myself together, was prepared for meetings and had a way to quickly reference something. There are also various apps for your smart phone that you can download such as iWeddings or The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner. You can also pop into Barnes and Noble and see what wedding planning books they have. One of my bridesmaids purchased one for me as a gift and I found it very useful! Additionally, I have recently had some girls ask me what wedding website I used – after doing quite a bit of research, was recommended to me and in my opinion, it was the best. Your customizing options are infinite and you can even save your wedding website in a zip file or have it sent to you on a CD after your wedding – what a sweet keepsake to have forever! Lastly, the wedding registry I used was Gift Registry 360 (powered by The Knot), however, it was recently changed to the Knot Wedding Gift Registry. It’s great because you can create one master registry list and it syncs to all of your registries. Want to add something to your list from another retailer that you may not be registered with? This will allow you to add items from any website. It’s an easy, stress-free way to keep everything organized.

{ One of my many inspiration pages I created in Adobe InDesign. These pages were in my binder so I could quickly reference something wherever I was. }

{ One of the many inspiration pages I created in Adobe InDesign. These pages were in my binder so I could quickly reference something no matter where I was. }

3.  MAKE IT YOURS. Yes, Pinterest is fantastic – In fact, I swear by it (ask any of my friends). Use it as a tool but as you cultivate your various inspiration boards, remember, that is what they are: inspiration boards. I say this because it is so important to make sure this day is about you and your fiancé. There is nothing wrong with taking different elements of various weddings you like and building on to that, but there is no need to copy someone else’s wedding exactly. Think about it – what would be the point of emulating another couple’s big day? It wouldn’t be as unique and special because it would not truly be yours. Determine what your vision is by conducting some research. Browse various websites and wedding blogs. The sites I found most helpful are: Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Hi-Fi Weddings, Etsy, Wedding Gawker, Pinterest, BHLDN, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, Rock N’ Roll Bride (for the nontraditional couple), Wedding Chicks, Emmaline Bride, Kiss the Groom and Weddingbee. If you are interested in more fantastic wedding websites, check out the Top 100 Wedding Blogs. Figuring out your vision is so vital. In the end, you want your guests to look at your big day and think wow…this really encompassed the bride and groom perfectly. Once you’ve decided on the direction you’d like to go in, start thinking about your color scheme, setting and details. Build Pinterest boards so you’ll have a visual and your ideas can start coming to life.

{ Make it yours. Sure, we were not the first couple to ever have a vintage-inspired wedding, but with some personalization and special elements - we made it ours. Here is a logo we had created for our big day.  }

{ Sure, we were not the first couple to ever have a vintage-inspired wedding, but with a great deal of personalization and special details, we made it ours. Here is a monogram logo we had created for our big day. }

4.  STAY TRUE TO YOUR VISION. Oh, we’ve heard all before. The classic tale of the “zillas”. It’s not even necessarily bridezillas and mother-of-the-bridezillas. There are sisterzillas, bridesmaidzillas, friendzillas, plannerzillas…everyone has a different experience. Even when someone is just trying to help, it can come off as pushy or opinionated. Remember: everyone is working toward the same common goal and 9 times out of 10 – your friends, family and vendors are in your corner. Just remember to play it cool when someone offers up their thoughts about your wedding day. They may offer a valuable perspective or constructive criticism based on experience. Take a moment to really listen and let it resonate – what they have to say may be something to consider. With that said, it is also critical to stay true to your vision. Yes – there is always room to flex as there are so many factors and circumstances that can change things (cost, space, etc.). But if someone is trying to lead you in a completely different direction and you are uncomfortable with it, stick to your guns. This is your day and you’re more than likely only going to experience it once in your lifetime.

Blog Collage

{ Stay true to your vision – if you love something, run with it and make it yours. However, do not discredit the advice of others. It may end up being really helpful or provide you with a different perspective. This is a snapshot of our vintage/music inspired wedding – it really encompassed who we are as a couple. }

5.  PRIORITIZE. Most of us do not have an unlimited budget and as much as we want to, we cannot have it all. Therefore, you must decide on how you want your money spent. If you’re unsure of what the “typical” percentage of your budget for each vendor should be, there are tons and tons of resources out there that can give you an average. However, keep in mind that the wedding industry gets increasingly more expensive as time elapses and it’s forever growing and changing so you cannot 100% depend on that solely. The best thing to do is gather a few different quotes from each type of vendor. By doing so, you can kind of gauge who is reasonable, unreasonable and so on which will be contingent on cost, what each vendor provides you with, etc. A way of figuring out how much you want to spend in each area is making a list of what is important to you and prioritizing from there. Sit down and write out a list of the most imperative aspects of your big day. What is most important to you? Is it flowers? Rentals? Food? Entertainment? Videography? Keep in mind that everyone is different. Some people have 0 interest in spending a large sum of money on paper goods (save the dates, invitations, programs, etc.) because they feel that guests will probably end up tossing them. With that said, they may want to have a much smaller budget for that part of their wedding and use a larger portion on something else – such as food and alcohol. For me personally, photography was #1 because that was something I knew that I would have to look back on forever. Food, alcohol and entertainment were also important to me because that is what everyone remembers – if the party was fun and the food was good. Trust when I say, Chiavari chairs were really important to me as well but let’s be honest, do you think anyone legitimately remembers (or cares) what my chairs looked like? Maybe a handful of people. What really matters is that they had a good time.

{ Photography was an important element for us - we did not want to skimp on something that would last a lifetime. }

{ Photography was an important element for us – we did not want to skimp on something that would last a lifetime. }

{ Photography was an important element for us - we did not want to skimp on something that would last a lifetime. }

{ We adored our photographers who shot both our engagement shoot (above) and our wedding (pictured here). }

6.  GET CREATIVE + DIY. Now given, I purchased many props and other goodies on Etsy as well as from various shops and antique stores, but there were some things I wanted for the big day but was not willing to spend the money on. This is where I took the DIY approach. I read articles and watched YouTube tutorials until I was cross-eyed. But with some time, supplies and a little help from bridesmaids, I was able to take on a few projects that ended up saving myself some cash money. One particular DIY project was an old, vintage door that needed to be turned into an escort card display that my bridesmaid, Stephanie and I took on. Do not be afraid – there is honestly nothing to fear. Just remember, not everything you create is going to be a winner. So what if you “messed up”? Brush it off and start over – as cliche’ as it sounds, practice makes perfect. Go into each project with a positive attitude and open mind – I promise you will not be disappointed!

{ A DIY project a bridesmaid and I tackled – purchased an old door for $20, we painted and distressed it and…TADA – it was the escort card display on the big day. }

7.  ASK FOR HELP. If there is anyone in this world who consistently thinks she can do it herself without any assistance, it is me! I’ve always been someone who puts her head down and works without asking for help. Let me be the one to tell you, that is not going to work when planning a wedding because you will end up biting off more than you can chew. It’s a lot for multiple people to take on, let alone, one person. Do not (I repeat, do not) be afraid to ask for help. I received a great amount of assistance from family (my mom in particular), several of my bridesmaids and believe it or not, my fiance’ at the time (now husband). Believe me, everyone wants to help in any way they can. Put your pride to the side and take your stubbornness out of the equation. Ask for the help – you’ll be surprised with the overwhelming support you’ll receive.

{ My parents helped me hold punch and tie each program with ribbon – we took the DIY approach versus purchasing and they came out just as lovely! }

8.  BE GRATEFUL + SHOW APPRECIATION. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of wedding planning. Make sure you remember to be grateful (and having a little humility always helps too). With that said, it’s also important to show appreciation to those who have assisted you along the way. Make sure your family and bridesmaids know how much you appreciate all of their hard work, effort and dedication. Whether you get them a small gift, buy them lunch after a DIY project or just write a nice thank you note – you are getting the message across.

{ I purchased these adorable plum pretty sugar robes for my bridesmaids and I as well as custom hangers with each of their names. I also got them various little goodies when I asked them to be in the wedding and during bachelorette weekend to show appreciation. }

{ I purchased these adorable Plum Pretty Sugar robes for my bridesmaids (and myself) for wedding day as well as some custom hangers with each of their names on them. I also gave the girls little goodies when I asked them to be in the wedding as well as bachelorette weekend to show my appreciation. }

Throughout all of this – remember the real reason you are having a wedding. It’s not for the show, the numerous events leading up to the big day or the gifts…it’s about you and your fiancé. I think some bride’s minds get a little clouded with all of the pressures during this time and the production of the wedding begins to consume their life all while completely missing the boat on what this day is truly about. Enjoy all that is involved in the planning process but do not let it overshadow what it is actually for. The reason we have a wedding is because we are uniting as one with our significant other and celebrating the sanctity of marriage. We love this person, can’t live without them, they make us better people and give us a reason to live. Let’s not forget that it is about the very genuine and pure love we are celebrating. Believe it or not, married life is even more beautiful than the wedding itself and once the party is over, life has just begun for you two – and it is one, grand adventure.


{ “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” – The Avett Brothers }

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Photography: The Schultzes

Trending for Spring 2014: Candy-Coated Goodness

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide (most items under $100)

Alright – so this cold, winter weather has made me feel tired, lethargic and well, for lack of a better term…blah. Here in the Carolinas, it’s been sunny and 60 degrees one day and the next, it’s in the 30’s and there’s a wintery mix on its way. I mean..come on, can we get a break?

The intermittent warm weather we’ve had in-between these frigid days has kind of been a tease. It’s made me pine for sunshine and sundresses. So in an effort to lift everyone’s spirits – I’m going to release one of my favorite Spring 2014 trends each week for the next five weeks. I look at it as something to get excited about all while planning your wardrobe essentials for this coming season! Everything I’m going to showcase on the blog is: a. adorable + b. affordable.

First and foremost – let’s take a look at the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year. Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year was a beautiful Emerald Green. I absolutely loved it mainly because of its richness and classic elegance. When I found out what the color was for this year, I have to admit, I was initially disappointed. However, after seeing some of the New York Fashion Week runway shows, it started to grow on me. They call it “Radiant Orchid” (Pantone Color # 18-3224). It can be a little harsh but when it’s lightened up just a bit, it truly has a delicate and incandescent glow.

{ Photo Credit: Pantone }


{ Badgley Mischka RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: }

It is clear that Radiant Orchid is making a presence this Spring but my search continued for more soft “candy colored” hues. Lighter tones were definitely big in 2013 but to my surprise, they are going to make an even greater impact this year. Such an array of gorgeous colors straight off the runway.


{ Zac Posen RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit }

{ Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Collection Runway Show - Photo Credit: HarpersBazaar }

{ Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Collection Runway Show – Photo Credit: }


{ Chanel Spring 2014 Collection Runway Show – Photo Credit: }


{ Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 RTW Collection Runway Show – Photo Credit: }

I can’t get enough of these sweet pastels – they make my heart dance! So what is this week’s trend forecast for Spring 2014? Candy-Coated Goodness!

Love this trend too? Below are some fabulous subtle hue finds that are all reasonably priced (most under $100). Now we can all look like we’re fresh off the runway! Enjoy!


Blog Collage 2

1. Mint Textured Dress, $35 {from Dorothy Perkins}  2.  “Fiji” Nail Polish (my fav nail color ever), $8.50 {from Essie}  3. Siren Call Flats, $95 {from Seychelles Footwear}  4. ASOS Satchel Bag with Scalloped Edge, $40.74 {from ASOS}  5. Eyelet Getaway Dress, $52.99 {from Modcloth}  6. Scuba Skater Skirt – Lilac, $38 {from Nasty Gal}  7. Restaurant Reviewer Heel in Mint, $67.99 {from Modcloth}  8. Cup Corset Lace Bralet, $44 {from Topshop}  9. Fancy Free-Spirited Dress, $97.99 {from Modcloth}  10. Ray-Ban Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses, $240.75 {from ASOS}  11. Antique Jacquard Midi Skirt, $96 {from Topshop}

Gift Guide: 14 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone!

Pinch me – my blog is LIVE and I cannot even believe it! Yayayay!

I debated for so long on what my first blog post would be and with Valentine’s Day approaching, I couldn’t think of a better time to officially roll out wander + bloom {because my heart is filled with so much love + joy right now}.

If you’re like me, every year is a constant struggle over what to purchase someone for a special occasion or holiday. Whether the gift is for your significant other, family member, friend or even a pet, it can be a pretty difficult call to make. On Valentine’s Day, your gift should be both tender and special…all while coming from the heart. Over time you will see that I am one of those people who are extremely passionate about supporting small businesses. After doing some “virtual window shopping” on Etsy, I came across some fantastic finds that I just had to share!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14th, below are {14} gift ideas for everyone…Enjoy!

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Blog Collage

1. Warm any soul with a coffee cup “cozy” for those cold winter days. {from the thecozyproject}  2. For all you bacon lovers out there…show your man how much you adore him with some cuff links that say it all. {from thatsreallyclassic}  3. How adorable and useful are these little nesting dishes? {from muddyheart}  4. Start each morning off right with these lovely his + her mugs. {from lovetoastshop}  5. You can say a lot with a little – this precious card is a must. {from littlelow}  6. Know someone with a green thumb? This succulent planter is as pretty as they come. {from theyarnkitchen}  7. Tell someone why you love them every day with this gorg “I love you because” chalkboard. {from betsyswood}  8. Swooning over these lovely fingerless gloves! {from beyazdukkan}  9. Gold has made a serious comeback and it’s here to stay! This gold foil print that would be great for a home office. {from collectivity lane} 10. Obsessed is an understatement – this “be mine” pillow would make a wonderful addition to any abode. {from bellesandghosts}  11. Love, love, love this versatile notebook – a perfect gift for the writer. {from ordinaryartists}  12. Don’t forget your pet! Valentine’s Day dog collar for your sweet pup. {from youhadmeatwoof}  13. A beyond stylish ring with you and your other half’s initial…and it comes in both gold and silver! {from amycornwell}  14. For all the musicians and music lovers – “i pick you” guitar pick is just too sweet for words. {from gofindahappyplace}