They See Me Rollin’ | Custom Beach Cruisers

Over the past few years, I have been longing for a beach cruiser but truly had no way of justifying the purchase. I do not live on a beach nor did I live in an area of town that it made sense to bike from place to place as everything was spread out. However, now that we are moving to a neighborhood where you can bike just about anywhere, I finally convinced myself (with a little help from the hubby) to pull the trigger. If you know me, I subconsciously enjoy making things way more complicated than they need to be and I could not just go to the store to buy a beach cruiser like every other normal person. I felt the urge to comparatively shop based on price, aesthetics and features. I checked out a slew of typical websites you would consider when looking to purchase a bicycle (i.e. – eBay, Craig’s List, Target, Amazon, Overstock and Walmart) and then moved to websites that specialized in selling beach cruisers. I was amazed at the selection of  bikes available and the prices varied drastically – they started around $70 and went up to $1000+. I I stumbled upon a number of adorable bikes – matte black with hot pink rims, vanilla (a pale yellow) with mint green rims, light blue with copper rims…you name, they probably make it.

After finding some moderately priced bikes that met my criteria, I was almost ready to make a decision until I decided to Google “customized beach cruisers”, just for fun, of course. Eureka! The fourth organic search result down I see a website called I feel like I had struck gold because I had not seen anything like it in my many weeks of searching. My husband had even said, “How is there not a website out there that allows you to build and customize your own bike?” Nailed it.

This site is incredible because it allows you to choose your frame (two options for women and three options for men) with different price points. From there, you can change the colors of practically everything, add fenders, change the wheelset (rims and spokes), seat, handlebars, wheels, chainguard…I mean everything. Being as indecisive as I am, I was finally able to customize my own bike to my liking. The best part about all of this is that the shop is out of Charleston, SC – and although it’s not a Charlotte store, I like to think that I am “supporting local” as Charleston is only about 4 hours away and I’ve frequented it throughout my whole life. As mentioned before, I love love love supporting local, small businesses. Needless to say, I get my bike in about a week and I am absolutely stoked! Next step: purchase a basket and cup holder (the essentials).

{ My custom bike: Mint green frame and fork with mint green handle bars, brown leather seat, pink fenders, lavender chainguard, lazy chrome bars, white rims with multicolor spokes. }

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift for yourself, a family member or spouse – this site will allow you to use your imagination to create an original bike that you cannot find just anywhere. Usually custom bikes cost a pretty penny but these cruisers are very reasonably priced and comparable to most beach cruisers out there. This website was quite a find – custom beach cruisers for the win! Enjoy!


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