Style Showdown 2014 | Who is NAILING it?

Alright, so it’s no secret that I’m an avid fan of style. I’ve loved fashion pretty much ever since I was brought into this world almost 29 years ago as my very first sentence was “let’s go shopping for clothes and bows”. Can we say…trouble? Once I was finally able to pick up a pencil as a child, I would illustrate women donning beautiful and intricate dresses. The passion that I had for this subject matter continued on and never faded as I received my undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing. Seriously though, what is more incredible than studying color theory, textiles, consumer behavior, buying, fashion illustration, styling…the list goes on (and yes, these are real classes). Although fashion is not part of my career at this juncture, it is very much a part of my personal life and if anything, has helped me truly appreciate design in all forms.

Of course I like to get inspired when it comes to choosing my outfits and I enjoy studying various style icons. There have been some stellar standouts this year (and I say this year because sometimes we might have a bad year..and that’s quite alright). So who are my fashion muses for 2014? Below are my list of top 5 favorite celebs this year who are absolutely NAILING the style showdown!



5. Emma Watson


{ Emma Watson ready to dine at the Windsor Castle in May 2014 – image found here }

Move over Hermione – this girl has become a woman since her Harry Potter days. Emma Watson has become a serious standout star but moreover, a standout style icon! I adore her because she wears everything so well and consistently wows me each time I see her at a premier or red carpet event. Polished, poised and classic – Miss Emma has the whole package!


4. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


{ Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards – image found here at Harpers Bazaar }

I’ve always loved them – Full House, anyone? But seriously – this dynamic duo is always on top of the fashion game. What I enjoy most about their style is that they are extremely versatile – I’m telling you, they could pull off a paper bag! But all joking aside, they can be feminine, glam, chic, bohemian…any style, any way! They now have their own fashion line, The Row and even designed their first wedding dress for their BFF – amazing, right?


3. David Gandy


{ David Gandy at the Curwan Royal Charity Polo Cup – image found here }

Come on now! We cannot truly believe that women are the only ones with style! David Gandy is living proof of this. Why? To be quite honest, I do not think there are many male celebrities out there with a notable sense of style. Do not take it out of context or get me wrong, they all look fantastic, but I personally get tired of seeing the same “safe” charcoal gray suits and black tuxes. Now, if you’re not familiar with David Gandy, he is a British model with some serious fashion sense.


2. Rose Byrne


{ Rose Byrne for Elle Australia May 2014 – image found here }

This Australian beauty is beyond! You may have seen her in Get Him to the Greek, Internship and/or Neighbors but she has more than just incredible acting skills…she also has glamor and allure. Whether it be her ever-changing hair or what she is rocking at an event, there is no denying that this girl is seriously chic.


1. Olivia Palermo


{ Image found here }

If you ever watched MTV’s spinoff of The Hills, The City, then you know who Olivia Palermo is. If you did not watch it, then you should still know who Olivia Palermo is. Why? She is the ultimate style icon and has completely won the hearts of numerous fashionistas across the globe. If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram, you will never be uninspired. Aside from the fact that literally everything she wears is a win, what has really gotten her the most attention recently (and rightfully so) was what she wore for her romantic elopement to her model hubby, Johannes Huebl. Let me just say…I DIEEE! It’s really that incredible. Palermo rocked a Carolina Herrera set: an antique white cashmere sweater with a gauzy tulle skirt with floral detailing. What you cannot see pictured here is her incredible embellished cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik heels. If anyone can change the bridal game, it would be Miss Olivia. Who knows, maybe sweaters and tulle will be the new rage for 2015? Time will tell!


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