Fav Frocks | What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Hello, lovelies!

It’s a beautiful season (minus the pollen) and it can only mean one thing…wedding season. As many of you aware, these next few months are some of the most popular to get married in. May is hands down one of the most beloved months to wed, particularly in the south, and rightfully so. Some of the most enchanting flowers are in season (hello, peonies), the weather is delightful and it truly exudes romance. With all of that being said, I have two weddings in May (one of which I am in) and there are several events leading up to the big day. But if you’re like me and somehow end up stressing and planning in advance in regard to what you are going to wear, I am here to put your mind at ease. Below are some beautiful frocks for you to take a gander at. Each offer something very special and range from semi-dressy to dressy. Below are some of the dresses I’ve been scouring for the upcoming festivities. Enjoy!


1. Chi Chi Embroidered Midi Dress, $110 {from Dorothy Perkins}  2. Infinite Loveliness Embroidered Dress in Peach, $59.42 {from Chic Wish}  3. Nonpareil Posy Dress, $89.99 {from Modcloth}  4. Take a Leap Crochet Detail Dress, $44.99 {from Shop Ruche}  5. Exotic Amorous Floral Prom Dress, $59.42 {from Chic Wish}  6. Bow Back Crepe Shift Dress, $125 {from Top Shop}  7. Yellow Floral Vest Dress, $16.99 {from Walk Trendy}  8. Lipsy VIP Lace Prom Dress, $161 {from Lipsy}  9. Floral Jacquard Dress, $142 {from Warehouse}  10. High Neck Lace Dress, $100 {from Oasis}


Swooning | February Favorites

Hello, lovelies!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week thus far! For my first order of business, I wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth (Instagram name: elisabetaana) for being the blogiversary giveaway winner! She will be receiving a beautiful Volcano candle soon! Congratulations, sweet girl!

This week’s blog post encompasses the things that I am currently swooning over. With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share with you the things that I heart. Take a peek at my February Favorites List below (two of which are local to Charlotte, NC). Enjoy!

February Favorites

1. { Hop Cakes from NoDa Brewing Company } If you’ve read my blog before, you will notice that I’ve mentioned NoDa Brewing Company in previous posts. It is a craft brewery located in Charlotte, NC and two of their beers made my top ten favorite beers of all time list (check out that post here). However, I would like to revise the list and add Hop Cakes because NoDa has done it again! I can quite honestly say that I have not had a beer of theirs that I disliked…they nail it every time. But let me tell you about Hop Cakes. It started off as a “NoDable Release”, which is a special, small-batch brew that they change out and feature each Tuesday. However, the popularity of Hop Cakes was significant and rightfully so. Imagine a delicious, double IPA combined with the taste of pancakes. Yeah, I said it. Pancakes. NoDa Brewing Company just released Hop Cakes in cans this month and they’re being snagged up like “hop cakes” (see what I did there?). This will be the 4th beer that they’ve released and distributed in four-pack cans (also check out Coco Loco, Hop, Drop N’ Roll and Jam Session). If you live in the Charlotte area, you can pick up Hop Cakes at your local Harris Teeter.

2. { Shadow/Blush in Hot Mama from The Balm } The first product I purchased from The Balm was the Mary Lou Manizer highlighting powder, which was recommended to me by a friend. I instantly became a fan for life – I loved the product, the packaging and the company mission. Their makeup is certainly not easy to find (it’s not something you can pick up in Sephora or Ulta), but if you have some faith and order online, you will not be sorry! I discovered the shadow/blush merely by accident while I was in Barcelona. My luggage was lost at JFK (fiasco) and I had to purchase clothes, toiletries and makeup since I would be without my own for a few days. I went into a makeup store at the mall in Barcelona and noticed there was a whole display of makeup and skincare from The Balm – bingo! I ended up picking up quite a few products but this shadow/blush – I cannot stress how GORG it is. The peachy/blush color is super pigmented and has a slight shimmer that will make your skin look simply radiant. It is one of those universal colors that looks fantastic on every skin tone.

3. { Rectangle Hand Painted Floral Tray in Yellow from The Little Market } So let me start out by saying, The Little Market is a gem that you must know about if you do not aleady. I’m a avid Lauren Conrad blog reader and discovered this company through her posts. I’ve got to hand it to Lauren Conrad, she is a marketing/branding genius and as someone in the industry, I admire her immensely. Lauren Conrad is actually the co-founder of The Little Market, which is a company that was created to build partnerships with female artisans from around the world and connecting them to customers in an online marketplace. It was cultivated to not only empower women but to provide them with the opportunity to support their families as many of them are in less fortunate situations. The mission itself is so heartfelt and touching and the products? Equally as beautiful. From baby gifts to handbags to home decor – there is truly a little bit of everything. I personally love this dainty, hand painted, pale yellow tray (as well as practically everything else on the site).

4. { Lean In – Women, Work, & the Will to Lead from Amazon } Who doesn’t love a good book? I’ve been blowing through them lately and the one that I just finished up is truly life changing. If you are a female professional, it is seriously your right of passage to read this book by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. It was informative, fascinating and I could not put it down for the life of me. I would even be bold enough to say it was probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. Download it on your tablet or pick up a hard copy from Amazon or your local bookstore!

5. { Jewelry from Melvin from Shop Melvin } I came across this company on Instagram and coincidentally, discovered that they are based out of Charlotte, NC — go figure! All of their accessories are swoon-worthy but I happen to have a soft spot for their necklaces. Some of their products have even been featured on the hit HBO series, Girls. The designers get their inspiration from art, culture and travel and its definitely translated in their lines. I tend to get a very tribal and boho vibe from their designs – love, love, love!

6. { Embellished Armhole Scuba Skater Dress in Nude from ASOSI’m a sucker for a. embellishments, b. a feminine frock, and c. anything and everything from ASOS. Therefore, this dress is a home run! For those of you who are looking for something a little more valiant, it also comes in black.


Swooning | Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a style/fashion/decor post and I have to be honest, they’re my favorite kind. I wanted to make sure that I made the post this week particularly special because I’ve been so out of it recently and I want to ensure you, my lovely readers, that I am completely dedicated to giving you some wonderful reads!

So why have I been so absent-minded? Welp, reader’s digest version: I’ve been a crazed maniac the last few weeks as we’ve been winding down on our move (we should be completely in by the weekend – WAHOO!), I just started my final semester of graduate school this week and am required to dedicate 18 hours per week to this capstone class (adios, personal life), I’ve joined The Charlotte Chapter of the American Marketing Association and am on the Communications committee (you are looking at the new Social Media Manager of Instagram and the Marketing Trend/Innovation Blogger), AND it was just Shahin’s birth week (yes, “week”…we don’t mess with “days” around here). So of course, being that it was his first birthday with a wifey, I had to make it really great!

However, when I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I’m finally lying in bed, I tend to spend some time browsing Pinterest and doing a little online shopping (hey, everyone’s has to have their “me” time, right?). In doing so, I’ve come across some pretty awesome finds and there’s truly no rhyme or reason behind them. In other words, there’s no theme in mind – it’s not all just shoes or pieces of decor, but rather, an eclectic mix of everything…perhaps it directly correlates with how my brain has been functioning these last few weeks! Check out the things that I am currently swooning over below. And of course, I’ve included a shopping guide. Enjoy!



Blog Collage

1. Gallica Bib Necklace, $88 {from Anthropologie}  2. New Look Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, $48.35 {from ASOS}  3. Coffee Netflix Yoga Pants Tank, $25.95 {from Thug Life Shirts}  4. Lola Gold Heels by Chelsea Crew, $64.99 {from ShopRuche}  5. Magical Thinking Industrial Chair, $119 {from Urban Outfitters}  6. White Austin 3-Tier Metal Cart, $111.99 {from World Market}  7. Gloriosa Dinner Set, $12-$22 {from Anthropologie}  8. Plum & Bow Wire Loop Vanity, $159 {from Urban Outfitters}

Style Showdown 2014 | Who is NAILING it?

Alright, so it’s no secret that I’m an avid fan of style. I’ve loved fashion pretty much ever since I was brought into this world almost 29 years ago as my very first sentence was “let’s go shopping for clothes and bows”. Can we say…trouble? Once I was finally able to pick up a pencil as a child, I would illustrate women donning beautiful and intricate dresses. The passion that I had for this subject matter continued on and never faded as I received my undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing. Seriously though, what is more incredible than studying color theory, textiles, consumer behavior, buying, fashion illustration, styling…the list goes on (and yes, these are real classes). Although fashion is not part of my career at this juncture, it is very much a part of my personal life and if anything, has helped me truly appreciate design in all forms.

Of course I like to get inspired when it comes to choosing my outfits and I enjoy studying various style icons. There have been some stellar standouts this year (and I say this year because sometimes we might have a bad year..and that’s quite alright). So who are my fashion muses for 2014? Below are my list of top 5 favorite celebs this year who are absolutely NAILING the style showdown!



5. Emma Watson


{ Emma Watson ready to dine at the Windsor Castle in May 2014 – image found here }

Move over Hermione – this girl has become a woman since her Harry Potter days. Emma Watson has become a serious standout star but moreover, a standout style icon! I adore her because she wears everything so well and consistently wows me each time I see her at a premier or red carpet event. Polished, poised and classic – Miss Emma has the whole package!


4. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


{ Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards – image found here at Harpers Bazaar }

I’ve always loved them – Full House, anyone? But seriously – this dynamic duo is always on top of the fashion game. What I enjoy most about their style is that they are extremely versatile – I’m telling you, they could pull off a paper bag! But all joking aside, they can be feminine, glam, chic, bohemian…any style, any way! They now have their own fashion line, The Row and even designed their first wedding dress for their BFF – amazing, right?


3. David Gandy


{ David Gandy at the Curwan Royal Charity Polo Cup – image found here }

Come on now! We cannot truly believe that women are the only ones with style! David Gandy is living proof of this. Why? To be quite honest, I do not think there are many male celebrities out there with a notable sense of style. Do not take it out of context or get me wrong, they all look fantastic, but I personally get tired of seeing the same “safe” charcoal gray suits and black tuxes. Now, if you’re not familiar with David Gandy, he is a British model with some serious fashion sense.


2. Rose Byrne


{ Rose Byrne for Elle Australia May 2014 – image found here }

This Australian beauty is beyond! You may have seen her in Get Him to the Greek, Internship and/or Neighbors but she has more than just incredible acting skills…she also has glamor and allure. Whether it be her ever-changing hair or what she is rocking at an event, there is no denying that this girl is seriously chic.


1. Olivia Palermo


{ Image found here }

If you ever watched MTV’s spinoff of The Hills, The City, then you know who Olivia Palermo is. If you did not watch it, then you should still know who Olivia Palermo is. Why? She is the ultimate style icon and has completely won the hearts of numerous fashionistas across the globe. If you follow her on Facebook or Instagram, you will never be uninspired. Aside from the fact that literally everything she wears is a win, what has really gotten her the most attention recently (and rightfully so) was what she wore for her romantic elopement to her model hubby, Johannes Huebl. Let me just say…I DIEEE! It’s really that incredible. Palermo rocked a Carolina Herrera set: an antique white cashmere sweater with a gauzy tulle skirt with floral detailing. What you cannot see pictured here is her incredible embellished cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik heels. If anyone can change the bridal game, it would be Miss Olivia. Who knows, maybe sweaters and tulle will be the new rage for 2015? Time will tell!

A Frock of Every Color | A Summer Wedding Guest Dress Guide

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, peonies are blooming and the warm weather is here to stay (or at least for a little while). It only means one thing: wedding season. Now, it is true that people get married throughout the entire year but it almost goes without saying that Spring and Summer are popular months to tie the knot. For those of you who are not the bride-to-be or a member of the wedding party, trying to choose the perfect dress as an attendee can be tricky. You want to wear something that is appropriate etiquette-wise but aligns well with the season. Additionally, one must also consider the type of wedding and you need to ask yourself: is it cocktail, casual or formal? Are the nuptials during the day or is it an evening affair? What will the setting be? Dockside? At a beach? In an old mansion? At a museum? Is it a casual backyard gathering? Once you’ve considered these factors, you can then determine what will suit you best! If you’re like me, picking the right dress can be tough but the great thing about Spring/Summer weddings is that donning bright colors is totally acceptable. So what’s your hue? Are you a green kind of gal or are you going to rock Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid? Below are some beautiful frocks that I’ve come across that are perfect for a wedding this season (with a shopping guide to go with it, of course). Enjoy!





1. Ombre’ Gown, $229.99 {from Mango}  2. Plisse V Neck Maxi Dress, $95 {from Miss Selfridge}  3. Peach Ruched Maxi Dress, $69 {from Dorothy Perkins}  4. Pasha Poppy Midi Dress, $90 {from Topshop}  5. Torte and Sweet Dress, $99.99 {from Modcloth}  6. True Decadence Scallop Sequin Dress in Mint, $101.10 {from House of Fraser}  7. Blue Bandeau Mesh Prom Dress, $120 {from River Island}  8. Twinkling at Twilight Dress in Champagne, $169.99 {from Modcloth}  9. Trumpet Hem Dress, $68 {from Miss Selfridge}  10. Ria Lace Latern Dress, $145 {from Oasis}  11. Pink Lace Overlay Cap Sleeve Dress $110 {from River Island}  12. Bungalow Bash Dress, $49.99 {from Modcloth}  13. Plenty by Tracy Reese, $127.99 {from Modcloth}  14. Chemical Lace Dress, $178 {from Cwonder}

Trending for Spring 2014: Time Travel

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide – everything is under $100!

We are now on week five of my favorite Spring 2014 trends. Last week was “Sheer Bliss” which showcased gauzy fabrics that add a touch of romance and femininity to any wardrobe. So what is my final Spring 2014 trend that I will be highlighting? Let’s put it this way – it was something I was super excited about sharing because it brought back some serious nostalgia.

Two words: Time Travel. For all of you who grew up in the 80s and 90s, we are going to be channeling our inner young girl. The “Time Travel” trend takes us back to when things were totally awesome.

When checking out the Spring 2014 runway shows, I saw a few trends that really stood out to me: crop tops, denim on denim, overalls, neon and yes – even jelly shoes or “Jellies”. After reflecting on the research I conducted, I came to the conclusion that each of these components have a common denominator. These trends are all reminiscent of the late 20th century.

Now don’t fret – I cannot imagine frosted tips or stick-on earrings will come back around anytime soon! But make a statement with neon colors, rock your crop top and throw on some overalls – because this Spring we are in for a radical ride!

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


DKNY RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Giambattista Valli RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Balenciaga RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Marissa Webb RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Ground Zero RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Ralph Lauren RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com

Love these looks! I am especially a sucker for anything neon – the brighter the better! Below is a shopping guide of some fun pieces I found while doing some “virtual window shopping”. Everything is under $100 so you can achieve the runway look for less. Enjoy!


Blog Collage 5

1. Half Sleeve Strip Breton Top, $64 {from TopShop}  2. Knitted Lace Hem Cropped Jumper, $68 {from TopShop}  3. Cornelli Crop Top, $80 {from TopShop}  4. Miss Me Lace Overlay Top, $54 {from Buckle}  5. Dark Wash Denim Overalls, $60 {from River Island}  6. Beni Tassel Clutch {from Accessorize}  7. Pink Glitter Watch, $48 {from Pree Brulee}  8. Iconic Tribal Wedge Sandal, $49.95 {from Victoria’s Secret}  9. Multicolor Statement Gem Stone Necklace, $70 {from River Island}  10. Body Glove Flounce Crop Top, $52.90 {from Delias}  11. Neon Yellow Scroll Trim Bud Skirt, $35.91 {from Chicwish}  12. Neon A-line Midi Skirt, $39.90 {from Chicwish}  13. JuJu Footwear Petra Pastel Jelly Sandal, $39 {from Urban Outfitters}  14. JuJu Footwear Babe Jelly Heeled Sandal {from Urban Outfitters}

Trending for Spring 2014: Sheer Bliss

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide – everything is under $100!

We are now on week four of my favorite Spring 2014 trends. Last week was “In Bloom” which were beautiful, secret garden-esque florals which is a trend that is popping up everywhere. So what else is in store for this wonderful season?

This week, we are going to focus less on colors and prints and more on fabric. We’re talking about “Sheer Bliss”. It’s all over the runways – pretty sheer detailing, sheer panels, sheer articles of clothing paired with fun prints and solid colored fabrics…it truly transforms an outfit by adding soft, translucent and feminine features.

This Spring, whether you choose a sheer blouse, a scuba skirt with sheer detail or a dress with sheer sleeves, you are adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. The look I am currently swooning over is a full, midi skirt paired with a soft sheer blouse – very reminiscent of the 1950’s.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


Giambattista Valli RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Oscar de la Renta RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Burberry Prorsum RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Fendi RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Narciso Rodriguez RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com

What a soft and sweet look one can achieve with just some gauzy fabric. Below is a shopping guide of some lovely sheer and sheer paneled items I found while doing some “virtual window shopping”. Everything is under $100. Enjoy!


Blog Collage 4

1. Embroidered Top with Kimono Sleeves, $59.90 {from Zara}  2. Common Thread Crochet Skirt, $42.99 {from ShopRuche}  3. ASOS Blouse with Sheer & Solid Panels and Zip Detail, $60.22 {from ASOS}  4. Lace Motorcycle Jacket, $62 {from Spool72}  5. Seaside Chateau Dress, $94.99 {from Modcloth}  6. Dress to the Nines Lace Dress, $48.99 {from ShopRuche)  7. Blush Midi Tulle Skirt, $36 {from TopShop}  8. Sheer Stripe Jumper, $72 {from TopShop}  9. Tella Lace Cropped Tee, $39 {from Urban Outfitters}  10. Mint Skater Dress, $55 {from Dorothy Perkins}

Trending for Spring 2014: In Bloom

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide!

We are now on week three of my favorite Spring 2014 trends. Last week was Monochromatic “White Out” and the week prior to that was “Candy-Coated Goodness“. So we’ve established that white on white and pastels are definite must-haves this season but surely, there has to be something with a little pop and pizazz – right!? Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging.

This week, I wanted to showcase another big trend that has been sweeping the runway and I couldn’t be any more in love with it than I currently am. One word: FLORAL.

Yes, it’s true – floral prints are a big trend to look out for this season. These are not the floral prints you’ve typically seen in the past – we’re talking about vibrant colors and patterns that still maintain a soft femininity that will make you feel like a radiant beauty in an enchanted secret garden.

This Spring, embrace the naturally romantic elements of this trend. Envision blooming prints mixed with both soft and vibrant colors together as one – a beautiful marriage of components indeed. So for this week, here’s looking at you, “In Bloom“.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


Nicole Miller RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Oscar de la Renta RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Nina Ricci RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Alberta Ferretti RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Giambattista Valli RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show (Paris) – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Dennis Basso RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Christian Siriano RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com

It’s so refreshing to see these lovelies on the runway – especially after being in dark colors all Winter long! If you’re loving this look like I am but not willing to splurge on the Prêt-à-Porter (Ready-to-Wear) items shown above, below is a shopping guide so you too can achieve this look but for significantly less! Enjoy, my friends!


Post 3

1. Ted Baker London “Leonar” Pumps, $219.95 {from Nordstrom}  2.  Ted Baker Duena Electric Daydream Parka, $169 {from House of Fraser}  3. Large Flower Necklace, $35 {from Topshop}  4. Bella Prom Skirt, $79.99 {from Forever New}  5. Untold Chiffon Halter Dress, $210 {from House of Fraser}  6. Blushing Floral Infinity Scarf, $58 {from Anthropologie)  7. Blurred Floral Shirt, $53 {from Miss Selfridge}  8. Kylie Printed Box Pleated Dress, $129.99 {from Forever New}  9. Dolce & Gabanna Oversized Floral Cat Eye Sunglasses, $490 {from Bloomingdale’s}  10. Moto Floral Denim Hotpants, $64 {from Topshop}  11. Hobo ‘Zara Vintage’ Crossbody Bag, $128 {from Nordstrom}

Trending for Spring 2014: Monochromatic White Out

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide!

So, as announced last week, I am unveiling one of my favorite Spring 2014 trends for the next five weeks. Last week was “Candy-Coated Goodness” which showcased the sweet array of pastels that have hit the runway. Regarding silhouettes, envision a softer look with exquisite and delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk and tulle.

This week, I wanted to focus on the polar opposite of last week’s style report and turn our attention to another gorgeous trend that I’ve been seeing quite a bit of. Monochromatic White – which I’ve dubbed “White Out“. White is always a favored look for Spring/Summer, however, I have never seen so much white on white. I die – what a chic + polished style! Trust me when I say, I am all for the pops of color and fun trends for each season but there is something about simplicity that goes a long way. White is a classic – and if you are familiar with how that term is used in the fashion world – a classic never goes out of style. The “White Out” look definitely has a more structured silhouette than most trends this season and in some cases, it can be a little boxier.

This Spring, do not be afraid to layer up on the white. White pants, white blouse, white shoes, white blazer…bring it on.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


Nina Ricci RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Gianfranco Ferre RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Tracy Reese RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Valentin Yudashkin RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Joie Spring RTW Collection 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com

As Outkast would say – so fresh + so clean!  🙂  I seriously cannot get enough! If you’re trying to achieve a well put together, savvy and timeless look – this is most definitely the direction to go in this season. Below are some beauties I found while doing some “virtual window shopping”. The prices vary depending on the item but everything is under $200. Enjoy!

signature copy

Blog Collage 3

1. White Boyfriend Shirt, $64.50 {from Madewell}  2.  White Sequin Collar, $78 {from Bottica}  3. Crepe Blazer, $79.99 {from Mango}  4. Michael Kors – ‘Bradshaw – Mini’ Chronograph Watch 36mm {from Nordstrom}  5. Five Pocket Skinny Jean, $187 {from Alice + Olivia}  6. White Embossed Collar top, $55 {from Dorothy Perkins)  7. Dune Kola Metal Strap White Flat Sandals, $127.78 {from ASOS}  8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Modified Oval Sunglasses, $110 {from Marc Jacobs}  9. Topshop Daisy Cutout Tote Bag, $76 {from Nordstrom}  10. Structured Frill Hem Dress, $96 {from Topshop}

Trending for Spring 2014: Candy-Coated Goodness

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide (most items under $100)

Alright – so this cold, winter weather has made me feel tired, lethargic and well, for lack of a better term…blah. Here in the Carolinas, it’s been sunny and 60 degrees one day and the next, it’s in the 30’s and there’s a wintery mix on its way. I mean..come on, can we get a break?

The intermittent warm weather we’ve had in-between these frigid days has kind of been a tease. It’s made me pine for sunshine and sundresses. So in an effort to lift everyone’s spirits – I’m going to release one of my favorite Spring 2014 trends each week for the next five weeks. I look at it as something to get excited about all while planning your wardrobe essentials for this coming season! Everything I’m going to showcase on the blog is: a. adorable + b. affordable.

First and foremost – let’s take a look at the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year. Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year was a beautiful Emerald Green. I absolutely loved it mainly because of its richness and classic elegance. When I found out what the color was for this year, I have to admit, I was initially disappointed. However, after seeing some of the New York Fashion Week runway shows, it started to grow on me. They call it “Radiant Orchid” (Pantone Color # 18-3224). It can be a little harsh but when it’s lightened up just a bit, it truly has a delicate and incandescent glow.

{ Photo Credit: Pantone }


{ Badgley Mischka RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com }

It is clear that Radiant Orchid is making a presence this Spring but my search continued for more soft “candy colored” hues. Lighter tones were definitely big in 2013 but to my surprise, they are going to make an even greater impact this year. Such an array of gorgeous colors straight off the runway.


{ Zac Posen RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit NYmag.com }

{ Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Collection Runway Show - Photo Credit: HarpersBazaar }

{ Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Collection Runway Show – Photo Credit: HarpersBazaar.com }


{ Chanel Spring 2014 Collection Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com }


{ Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 RTW Collection Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com }

I can’t get enough of these sweet pastels – they make my heart dance! So what is this week’s trend forecast for Spring 2014? Candy-Coated Goodness!

Love this trend too? Below are some fabulous subtle hue finds that are all reasonably priced (most under $100). Now we can all look like we’re fresh off the runway! Enjoy!


Blog Collage 2

1. Mint Textured Dress, $35 {from Dorothy Perkins}  2.  “Fiji” Nail Polish (my fav nail color ever), $8.50 {from Essie}  3. Siren Call Flats, $95 {from Seychelles Footwear}  4. ASOS Satchel Bag with Scalloped Edge, $40.74 {from ASOS}  5. Eyelet Getaway Dress, $52.99 {from Modcloth}  6. Scuba Skater Skirt – Lilac, $38 {from Nasty Gal}  7. Restaurant Reviewer Heel in Mint, $67.99 {from Modcloth}  8. Cup Corset Lace Bralet, $44 {from Topshop}  9. Fancy Free-Spirited Dress, $97.99 {from Modcloth}  10. Ray-Ban Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses, $240.75 {from ASOS}  11. Antique Jacquard Midi Skirt, $96 {from Topshop}