Instashop! {online boutiques discovered on Instagram}

Instagram is hands down one of my favorite apps – it’s a little more artsy/creative/visual than other forms of social media which is why I am so enthralled with it. But what’s really fantastic about Instagram is not just seeing beautiful photography or keeping up with your friend’s lives through images, but discovering unique people (bloggers, photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers, artists etc.) and my absolute favorite: online boutiques and retailers.

I am not stranger to online shopping…in fact, I prefer it. Many times I’ve been asked where I shop and the answer is: everywhere. I am not one to gravitate toward one store or one style – what I wear ultimately depends on my mood and how I’m feeling that particular day. But I will say that between a hectic life, my desire for unique items and a consistent need for instant gratification, online shopping does the trick. Additionally, I like to have a plethora of websites in my arsenal so I can refer to them when I am looking for something specific or wanting to do some virtual window shopping.

In this day and age, many people are not just using social media for personal use, but as a platform to market themselves and/or their business. Therefore, those smaller retailers out there who are using Instagram to make a name for themselves are definitely nailing it. Between accessing new followers through hashtags and having the ability to find your target market in various ways, you are essentially able to market yourself for free while building clientele. That’s the beauty of social media in terms of business – it’s a wonderful tool to use if you know how to do it effectively and efficiently. With that said, I’ve discovered several shops that I’ve added to my “shopping bookmark collection” on my computer thanks to Instagram! WARNING: Apologies in advance if this burns a hole in your pocket. Enjoy!







{Instagram: shopbando}



Ummm can I explain how much I adore this site? is an L.A. based design house that creates funky (and almost Kate Spade-esque) gifts and accessories! From bags, koozies and umbrellas to shoe clips and hair accessories – there are numerous ways to add vibrant pops of color to your life!


2. Wedding Chicks


{ Instagram: weddingchicks }


This is one site that I was fortunate enough to discover before our wedding because I actually purchased tote bags from here and used them as goodie bags for my bachelorette weekend! Wedding Chicks not only has really incredible DIY projects for brides, but also has an array of adorable products that you cannot just find anywhere such as cute dish towels, stationary, favors and gifts. The prices are reasonable and I just adore all of the designs!


3.  Private Party

{ Instagram: shopprivateparty }

shopprivatepartyIf you’re on top of your pop culture game and have a sense of humor, please proceed. I stumbled upon Private Party merely by accident because someone I followed was wearing a “FEYONCE'” tee (Get it? Beyonce’? Feyonce’?), and I thought it was absolutely hysterical. This person had the name of Private Party tagged in their photo and so I found their account, checked out their site and the rest was history! This is definitely not an every day purchase but for a special occasion (or if you happen to have a friend who is engaged and want to get them a FEYONCE’ shirt), this is the place to go!


4. Hallelu


{ Instagram: shophallelu }


So I cannot say that I discovered Hallelu on Instagram, but you could say that I rediscovered it there. Now, I have to give credit to my girlfriends who lived in Wilmington, NC during college (Steph, Sarah & Emily) who took me to the brick and mortar store for my very first time (located in Wrightsville Beach). However, it had been a few years since I had stepped foot in the boutique and I didn’t realize that you could purchase their merchandise online! So needless to say, It was quite a treat stumbling across Hallelu on Instagram as it’s affordable and beachy chic. I love their selection of clothing, shoes and accessories – definitely a good go-to store for the summer!


5. For Such a Time


{ Instagram: forsuchatimedesigns }


If you’re a gift or novelty junkie like I am, this is a shop you have to visit. Not going to lie, I had a hand stamped “I Do” & “Me Too” dessert fork set made for our wedding…so it comes to no surprise that I was immediately drawn to these clever stamped goodies at For Such A Time Designs’ Etsy shop. I mean, come on…a “Cereal Killer” spoon? How amazing is that? I discovered this shop through Lauren Conrad’s Instagram account. She had a custom spoon made by them and of course, tagged them in the post which led me to their Instagram and ultimately, their website. Check it out – it’s absolutely worth your time.


6. t+j Designs


{ Instagram: tandjdesigns }

t+j designs

If you’re looking for some pretty jewels to spice up your wardrobe, check out t+j Designs. Not sure how I discovered this one on Instagram but I’ve been swooning over the new products they post! There is a large selection of statement necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets, earrings and even bags to choose from. Take a gander – you will not be sorry!


7. ILY Couture


{ Instagram: ilycouture }

ily couture

I initially came across this Instagram account because I saw the “Wifey” and “Preggers” t-shirts and thought they were as sweet as can be! ILY Couture has both apparel and jewelry but their graphic tees are what make it!


8. Sabo Skirt


{ Instagram: saboskirt }


I am ALL about online shopping at U.K. and Australian based boutiques. Why? 1. If you’re looking in the right places, most of the time they will offer free (or very reasonable) shipping and returns and 2. you can discover some very unique pieces that cannot be duplicated or found just anywhere. If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it is owning the same article of clothing that everyone else owns. I found Sabo Skirt, an Australian womens boutique, quite some time ago and enjoy browsing their website for adorable summer dresses, tops, bottoms and rompers (AKA playsuits).


9. Hunt & Bow


{ Instagram: huntandbow }


Another Australian website that I literally drool over almost every day. This is an excellent home decor site that will allow you to shop by style and offers up both eclectic and fun pieces for your home. I cannot get enough of this place!


10. Child of Wild


{ Instagram: child_of_wild }

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.58.08 PM

You can never own enough jewelry and this is one you do not want to pass up – especially if you have a love for Bohemian pieces like I do! I’m almost positive I found this shop through Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram account. She has a distinct BoHo flair to her style and when I came across Child of Wild’s Instagram account and website, I couldn’t take my eyes off of these beauties! Darling rings, necklaces, bracelets…you name it!

…Stay tuned for more Instagram finds in the blog posts to come! XO