2015 Trend Report | Home, Fashion, Beauty + All

Happy Friday!

Although this is the second week of January, I would like to pretend it’s the first real week of the year as many people were still in vacation/holiday mode last week. I am actually very excited for 2015 because it’s a great excuse to make a fresh start.

With a new year, comes a new you. Part of that happens internally but the other part can be external or what is on the surface. Sometimes people like to make a drastic hair change or try out a new style. Of course, what we choose is very personal but perhaps I can help get your wheels turning. Below are some of the big trends to watch in 2015 for every aspect of life. Enjoy!


{ HOME } Eclectic Style. Pops of Color. Jewel Tones.

Think vintage, retro, mixing patterns and textures, personal touches, rich colors.


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ECLECTIC STYLE – The Rundown: This is probably my favorite trend for 2015, mostly because I feel like the style encompasses me as a person: incredibly eclectic. The mix of new and old, everything is random yet it somehow seamlessly comes together…it’s amazing. If you’re looking to change up the look of your home this year, this is a great way to do it.


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POPS OF COLOR – The Rundown: Looking to make some subtle changes to your home decor? Adding pops of color will surely do the trick and it’s big in 2015. Pick up some colorful chairs, pull out your vibrant KitchenAid mixer, or even simply paint a door a different color like in the image above.


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JEWEL TONES – The Rundown: Deep, rich jewel tones are a heavy hitter this year. There is something sophisticated and tasteful about them. I’m loving this look in the office/study below.

{ FASHION } Wide-Legged Pants. 70s Retro. Boho. Lace Up. Gingham Print.

I honestly could not be more thrilled about these style trends for 2015. Mostly because they remind me of the vintage, sepia-toned photos of my parents from the 60s and 70s. It makes me smile.


WIDE-LEGGED PANTS – The Rundown: Although I do not think skinny pants will completely disappear, I do think wide-legged pants will soon be ruling the world, and in my opinion, we are long overdue for a new silhouette.

70s RETRO – The Rundown: As mentioned above, the 70s style is back with a vengeance (and I cannot contain my excitement).

BOHO – The Rundown: The bohemian look is also making an impact on the runway for Spring/Summer 2015…so go ahead and channel your inner flower child.

LACE UP – The Rundown: Lace ties are also quite prominent for the new year – just check out the Louis Vuitton runway images alone.

GINGHAM PRINT – The Rundown: The gingham print (yes, it may also remind you of a picnic) was gaining traction in Fall 2014 but will be huge in 2015. It’s feminine mixed with classic mixed with chic and I love, love, love it!

{ Check out all of the runway images here }

{ BEAUTY } Minimal Makeup. Bold Brows. Dewy Skin. Statement Lips. Negative Space Manis.

We are now living in a time where less is more, beautiful skin is everything and making a statement on your lips and nails is a way of life.

Beauty 1

MINIMAL MAKEUP – The Rundown: A big trend this year is the minimal/nude makeup look. In 2015, less is more. We’re not saying absolutely no makeup, but a more natural look, nude shades and a “fresh face”.

BOLD BROWS – The Rundown: Remember being young and plucking your eyebrows to make them thin was cool? Well, times have certainly changed. Heavier brows are in. But not an unruly brow, a very structured, well groomed brow.

DEWY SKIN – The Rundown: This ties into the “fresh face” look mentioned in the Minimal Makeup Rundown. Bottom line: dewy skin is in. Looking clean and natural with a slight sheen is what you’ll be seeing a lot of this year.

{ Images can be found here —> Minimal Makeup, Bold Brows, Dewy Skin }


STATEMENT LIPS – The Rundown: For Fall 2014, we saw a good bit of the wine stained/vampy lip. It will definitely translate to 2015, even in the Spring. But let’s be real, any statement lip is big this year. Whether you go for the newly popular orange-red, a classic red, or even a true pink – you’re in good hands.

{ Images can be found here }

Beauty 2

NEGATIVE SPACE MANIS – The Rundown: This look is all over the runway for 2015. Negative space nails are without a doubt, the next big thing.

{ Images can be found here }

{ EVERYTHING } Marsala

If you missed my post on the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, you can read about it here. But to reiterate, Marsala will be huge this year. In every aspect of life – design, home decor, beauty, fashion…you name it! Below are some inspiration images of how you can implement the Pantone Color of the Year into your life!


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{ Image found here }


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Lavish Liquid | The Obscure Flavored H2O Trend

Happy Monday, lovelies!

So, today’s topic may be a bit random to discuss, but it’s one that has left me scratching my head. Over the last few years, we’ve seen tremendous popularity in flavored water. According to the International Bottled Water Association, flavored bottled water sales in the U.S. accounted for over $200 million in 2011. Although some of the larger beverage conglomerates such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have dominated the market (Coca-Cola owns Vitaminwater, Dasani and Glacieau Smart Water, while PepsiCo owns Aquafina), there are several smaller companies out there that provide some truly obscure but fascinating H2O options! So you may ask, why not just drink regular water? Believe me, I have no problem with the taste of “old faithful”,  but I’m an adventurous kind of girl and when it comes to my palate, I want to try new things and pick up different flavor profiles. Below are some interesting flavored water options (starting with the one that everyone already knows about). Enjoy!



coconut water { the good, the bad and the ugly }


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If you’ve been to any grocery or convenience store, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of coconut water on the shelves. However, just recently one of the largest coconut water distributors, iTi Tropical, claims that approximately 15% of the coconut water sold in the United States is not properly labeled and actually has added sugar. In other words, many consumers think they are drinking something nutritious when in fact, they are not. Now, I am one who really dislikes being duped or mislead. Being in marketing, I can understand the various tactics some of these companies use, but I just cannot stand for dishonesty. Although iTi Tropical would not disclose the names of these businesses that are deceiving consumers, I think it’s safe to say that one must be cautious if they are trying to stay away from any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Note: this is not speaking negatively about coconut water, I’m just trying to shed light on some factual information and warn those of you who are looking for a natural flavored water option to be particularly cautious when it comes to the coconut water craze.


wtrmln water { the new coconut water }


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It’s safe to say that coconut water has lost some momentum but there’s a new water in town that is gaining a great deal of attention and is being called “the new coconut water”. Two words: WATERMELON WATER. Particularly the brand, wtrmln watr. Here’s the run down: it’s extremely hydrating as it’s a fresh, cold-pressed juice and consists of 91% water while being vegan, gluten-free and loaded with tons of antioxidants and vitamins (not to mention it has double the potassium of a single banana). The company just opened a retail store in NYC but for those of you who do not reside there, you can order wtrmln watr online (check out Amazon). This is one bev I am just dying to try!


artichoke water { say whaaa!? }


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I know…it sounds crazy, right? I was a little stumped when I saw it too. I mean, how good can artichoke water be? But then I thought: I love water and I love artichokes. So what is really so wrong with combining the two? This is one I actually think that I am going to order soon so I should be able to provide a follow-up review to this blog post in the next month or so. The drink is described as unusual, sweet and savory. It turns out, the two co-owners had experience drinking artichoke infused water and tea in their past. One of the co-owners was provided with superior hydration from artichoke infused water during his triathlon training while the other would drink artichoke infused tea that has grandmother prepared on special occasions. After a couple of years of research and development, the two finally cultivated Arty Artichoke Water. Now, let’s get to the good stuff: what are the benefits? It’s cholesterol-free, vegan, full of vitamins and antioxidants and is a natural dietary fiber.


almond water { not just for milk anymore }


{ Image for here }

We’re all aware of what almond milk is (the dairy-free milk option available to those who are trying to cut it out of their diet or are perhaps lactose intolerant). But have you heard of almond water yet? Victoria’s Kitchen (named after the founder’s grandmother), stays true to his roots as the almond water recipe originated from his grandmother, who grew up in the South of France. The company markets the beverage as a healthy alternative to lemonade or sweet tea as it provides a refreshing and slightly sweet taste while making your taste buds dance! The water is made with all natural ingredients (purified water, cane sugar, natural flavors and natural extracts) and is dairy-free, GMO-free, vegan and gluten-free.


maple water { when you think you’ve heard it all }


{ Image found here }

Some of you may find this odd (like the other varieties, weren’t?), but for those of you who are feeling adventurous should definitely put this one on your list of flavored waters to try! The company, that provides Pure Maple Water literally just takes maple from trees and bottles it as is…that’s it. Nothing added. Crazy, right? It’s an incredibly hydrating and refreshing water with a subtle hint of maple flavor. What are some of the health benefits? It gives you energy, has 20 calories per serving, is considered an anti-inflammatory, has no added sugar or preservatives and is gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free.


blossom water { may your beverage be as beautiful as your garden }

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.20.27 PM

{ Image found here }

Two ladies from New England cultivated this idea and it’s really captivated an audience already. With four flavors so far (the company was only born in May 2013), each beverage is sweetened with agave nectar (a plant derivative), which is one and a half times sweeter than sugar and much lower on the Glycemic Index (GI). The colors of the water are not artificial dyes, rather, extracted from fruits and vegetables. The flavors are made with fruit and flower essences which is much different from regular “natural flavoring” as it is done using a steam distillation process (to learn more, click here). This water is also gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free and does not contain any preservatives.

Trending for Spring 2014: Time Travel

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide – everything is under $100!

We are now on week five of my favorite Spring 2014 trends. Last week was “Sheer Bliss” which showcased gauzy fabrics that add a touch of romance and femininity to any wardrobe. So what is my final Spring 2014 trend that I will be highlighting? Let’s put it this way – it was something I was super excited about sharing because it brought back some serious nostalgia.

Two words: Time Travel. For all of you who grew up in the 80s and 90s, we are going to be channeling our inner young girl. The “Time Travel” trend takes us back to when things were totally awesome.

When checking out the Spring 2014 runway shows, I saw a few trends that really stood out to me: crop tops, denim on denim, overalls, neon and yes – even jelly shoes or “Jellies”. After reflecting on the research I conducted, I came to the conclusion that each of these components have a common denominator. These trends are all reminiscent of the late 20th century.

Now don’t fret – I cannot imagine frosted tips or stick-on earrings will come back around anytime soon! But make a statement with neon colors, rock your crop top and throw on some overalls – because this Spring we are in for a radical ride!

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


DKNY RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Giambattista Valli RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Balenciaga RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Marissa Webb RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Ground Zero RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Ralph Lauren RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com

Love these looks! I am especially a sucker for anything neon – the brighter the better! Below is a shopping guide of some fun pieces I found while doing some “virtual window shopping”. Everything is under $100 so you can achieve the runway look for less. Enjoy!


Blog Collage 5

1. Half Sleeve Strip Breton Top, $64 {from TopShop}  2. Knitted Lace Hem Cropped Jumper, $68 {from TopShop}  3. Cornelli Crop Top, $80 {from TopShop}  4. Miss Me Lace Overlay Top, $54 {from Buckle}  5. Dark Wash Denim Overalls, $60 {from River Island}  6. Beni Tassel Clutch {from Accessorize}  7. Pink Glitter Watch, $48 {from Pree Brulee}  8. Iconic Tribal Wedge Sandal, $49.95 {from Victoria’s Secret}  9. Multicolor Statement Gem Stone Necklace, $70 {from River Island}  10. Body Glove Flounce Crop Top, $52.90 {from Delias}  11. Neon Yellow Scroll Trim Bud Skirt, $35.91 {from Chicwish}  12. Neon A-line Midi Skirt, $39.90 {from Chicwish}  13. JuJu Footwear Petra Pastel Jelly Sandal, $39 {from Urban Outfitters}  14. JuJu Footwear Babe Jelly Heeled Sandal {from Urban Outfitters}

Trending for Spring 2014: Sheer Bliss

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the trend style guide – everything is under $100!

We are now on week four of my favorite Spring 2014 trends. Last week was “In Bloom” which were beautiful, secret garden-esque florals which is a trend that is popping up everywhere. So what else is in store for this wonderful season?

This week, we are going to focus less on colors and prints and more on fabric. We’re talking about “Sheer Bliss”. It’s all over the runways – pretty sheer detailing, sheer panels, sheer articles of clothing paired with fun prints and solid colored fabrics…it truly transforms an outfit by adding soft, translucent and feminine features.

This Spring, whether you choose a sheer blouse, a scuba skirt with sheer detail or a dress with sheer sleeves, you are adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. The look I am currently swooning over is a full, midi skirt paired with a soft sheer blouse – very reminiscent of the 1950’s.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the Spring 2014 runway.


Giambattista Valli RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Oscar de la Renta RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Burberry Prorsum RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Fendi RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com


Narciso Rodriguez RTW Collection Spring 2014 Runway Show – Photo Credit: NYmag.com

What a soft and sweet look one can achieve with just some gauzy fabric. Below is a shopping guide of some lovely sheer and sheer paneled items I found while doing some “virtual window shopping”. Everything is under $100. Enjoy!


Blog Collage 4

1. Embroidered Top with Kimono Sleeves, $59.90 {from Zara}  2. Common Thread Crochet Skirt, $42.99 {from ShopRuche}  3. ASOS Blouse with Sheer & Solid Panels and Zip Detail, $60.22 {from ASOS}  4. Lace Motorcycle Jacket, $62 {from Spool72}  5. Seaside Chateau Dress, $94.99 {from Modcloth}  6. Dress to the Nines Lace Dress, $48.99 {from ShopRuche)  7. Blush Midi Tulle Skirt, $36 {from TopShop}  8. Sheer Stripe Jumper, $72 {from TopShop}  9. Tella Lace Cropped Tee, $39 {from Urban Outfitters}  10. Mint Skater Dress, $55 {from Dorothy Perkins}