the story

wander + bloom was born a very long time ago…I just didn’t realize it then.

I’ve been writing ever since I was physically able. I’ve always been creative and as a little girl, would write elaborate stories and short novels for hours on end while also illustrating the cover which I would then in turn, read to my parents. The need and constant urge to write, draw, paint, cultivate and dream run through my blood: it is a part of me. I continued on my creative path, went to art school, majored in fashion, interned with a lifestyle magazine, worked in a corporate office of a fashion retailer and then found my way into the marketing field (which I absolutely love). It’s such a great industry to be in because it’s constantly moving and changing which allows for creative freedom. However, there was this part of me deep within that needed something more. I began my journey through grad school which quenched my thirst for knowledge. But even then, I was still not filling the void that I was lacking. I missed writing my thoughts down – it was always such a release. I wanted to share my ideas but didn’t know how. I yearned to interface with others and so badly wanted to share life experiences and reflections. But how was I to accomplish this? Alas, wander + bloom was born.

wander + bloom (wander = to travel + leave a fixed path; bloom = to grow + flourish) is about enriching your life, becoming worldly, finding yourself, taking in each moment, embracing who you are but even more, it’s about self-discovery. I want to share my stories, life hacks/shortcuts, travels, recipes, DIY projects, style tips, products I love, decorating techniques, restaurant reviews, favorite libations, life lessons, adventures, love and friendship, gift ideas, inspirations, trend forecasts, and any other “little lovelies” I come across!

wander + bloom is a place for all of us.  Let’s revel in the beauty of our lives and find joy in the journey.

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