yours truly

Hello, lovelies!

I’m Jess, owner of wander + bloom. I am a 30-year-old 9 to 5’er, wifey and MBA graduate. I reside in Charlotte, North Carolina (born and raised) with my Persian hubby, Shahin (better known as Sean), and our two crazy, little fur babies (who happen to be litter mates), Duke + Carolina. If you are familiar with the rivalry between Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill, you will understand the comedy behind their names. When NCAA basketball time rolls around, we are most definitely a house divided.

I met my husband in English class during our Junior year of high school. Although we were just friends and didn’t start actually dating until the last year of college, the journey we had embarked on leading up to this was almost straight out of a romantic novel. Reader’s Digest Version: It was the classic tale of boy meets girl, they become friends, fall for each other, he moves away, she fears that she’s lost him forever, they do some growing up, find themselves and finally, each other (many years later). Sean is my other half, my biggest cheerleader and as cliche’ as it sounds, my best friend. Sometimes when we’re just sitting around, laughing at our inside jokes, reminiscing and goofing off…I take a moment to just look at him, take it all in and bask in the beauty that is our love. It’s unreal.

I am a girly-girl through and through. I take joy in cooking, shopping, baking, dressing up and getting pretty. I don’t do bugs, anything that involves being outdoors for an extended period of time (unless it involves being at the beach or glamping, of course).

Here’s a little more about me:


Free-spirit and gypsy soul.

Music lover.

Marketing aficionado.

Big time foodie.

Adventure seeker.

Lover of all things vintage, antique and eclectic.


Hopeless romantic.

Scorpio to a T.

Crepe + macaroon obsessed. { Perhaps I was meant to live in Paris? }

Apple product junkie.

Entry-level baker.

Giant nerd at heart.

I was both born and married in Autumn.

To me, creating is like breathing – it is necessary to live.

I adore peonies and ranunculus.

Vanilla breve lattes + sushi = a happy Jessica.

The most enchanting place I ever visited was Italy.

My first sentence ever was “let’s go shopping for clothes and bows.”…true story.

I listen to The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons on repeat.

I visited New York City in December each year as a child  – there’s something about Rockefeller Center lit up with Christmas lights that warms my heart with nostalgia.

Yoga keeps me at peace. Namaste.

Writing, drawing and painting are my outlets.

I would highly recommend marrying your best friend.

My family and friends have always been my biggest support system and I love them for it.

My favorite cities are San Francisco and Asheville – there is something mesmerizing about them.

Making memories > tangible things.

I am a sucker for anything involving the 1920’s.

I love the soft femininity of pastels, lace and rose gold.

Exploring different craft beer is a favorite past time of mine.

My weaknesses are handbags and watches.

I jam out and sing in my car when I’m alone – it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

All about the bonfires and s’mores making.

I grew up on classic rock and oldies.

I am a horrible liar so I avoid it all together.

I dream big and love hard.

I can’t get enough of those Carolina blue skies.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am ridiculously passionate about animals – especially dogs. Do not ever show me a depressing video of a dog unless it involves a happy ending.

I have serious wanderlust – traveling is one of my greatest passions.

I wish I could live in a room filled with chandeliers, mercury glass and gold.

I love listening to a good thunderstorm at night.

I am a giddy child when it comes to snow.

I cannot get enough of the beach or the mountains – I’m split 50/50.

Brunching is one of my favorite things to do – always down for mimosas and breakfast.

I believe you are never too old for tea parties and often have to please my inner child by visiting the Ritz for afternoon tea.

In another life, I would love to be in the wedding industry – there is something so magically romantic about it all.

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